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$100 Per Referral

Quick Questions/Answers:

NO, this is NOT a network marketing program.  We simply know we can help the most amount of people successfully lose weight and live healthier when people refer people they know to our amazing 12 week program. 

For this purpose, we choose to put the majority of our marketing dollars towards YOU. Plus, we love helping people earn extra money for whatever extras they need.  

You do not have to be a participant of the ProHealth Diet to refer people to the program.  There are people everywhere looking for a high quality, safe, results-driven way to lose their weight.  We simply pay people to help us find those people so we can help them succeed with their weight loss goals. It is a win/win/win!

Please note:  The ProHealth Diet is currently ONLY available in the United States.

Help Us Help People...
We will make it worth your time!


When you direct someone to the ProHealth Diet
12 Week Program
Your Referral Thank You will be as follows:

For Full Pay ($600) Dieters,
you will receive $100 immediately

For Dieters on the payment plan, you will receive:
$50 when they sign up and $50 once completed.

HINT:  Sending people to the FREE WEBINAR is the best way to show them what is available!


~ Chiropractic offices
~ Gyms + Fitness Centers
~ Wellness Centers
~ And much more

You have a built-in market so let's help you capitalize on it.  Your referral structure is even greater than individual referrals and we are excited to show you the numbers. 

If you are the owner/decision- maker for your facility, please make an appointment with us and we will show you a break down of the income potential for your business. 
Together we can make a HUGE difference! Let's talk...

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Helping The World Get Healthier... One Person At A Time!

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