The Food – ProHealth Diet

The Food

Combined with the System AND the Coaching, the MAGIC is in the FOOD.

Food details:

Manufactured in the United States of America

Most BOXES have 7 meal packets in it

Each "Shake Shakes" or "Pre-Made Drinks" have 6.

Cereal has 5 packets in each box

Those 100% on the diet will need 3 - 5 boxes per week, depending on if extra snacks are needed.

  ● Food is LOW Carb, LOW Sugar, HIGH Protein

  ● Protein is a "natural filler" therefore most of our dieters are NOT hungry during the process.

  ● AFTER the diet, the food continues to be perfect to help maintain, substitute for "junk snacks" and is great for the whole family!

  ● Over 70 food choices.

  ● There are many options for GLUTEN Free or SOY Free.

Food is approximately $2.00 per meal

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