The Coaching! – ProHealth Diet

The Coaching

After signing up on the ProHealth program one of the first things you will do is activate your member's area.  Once inside you will receive specific instructions, which will begin with filling out a very important (but quick) Health Profile.  It is important to know which medicines you are on and any specific medical conditions you are facing.  Once received our doctor will review it and make any necessary suggestions.

From here, a member of the ProHealth coaches team will set up a time for your consultation.  Here is where we will make sure you know exactly what you need to do to be successful in your weight loss journey.  This is also when you will be informed of any changes the doctor feels is necessary. 

If at any time during the journey you have a concern. You will always have access to the ProHealth team.  Simply click the tab called "Ask the Expert" at the bottom of your member's area and we will get your question answered as quickly as possible. 

You will also be receiving MUCH expert advise from our main weight loss coach, Coach Jodi.  She has tons of advice, motivation and expertise to consistently help keep you going!  The education you will receive from the program can benefit your health for the rest of your life.  Embrace it! 

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