The Coaching – ProHealth Diet

The Coaching

There are three main things that make the ProHealth Diet predictably SUCCESSFUL...

1.  The Plan

2.  The Coaching

3.  The Food

We have seen people try to cut corners and eliminate one or two of these important tools. Unfortunately, we also see those same people give up and quit because weight loss can be a tough battle when you don't have the right tools.  Our predictable, proven, typical results occur when all 3 are used correctly.  This is where the coaching becomes your best friend and the key to bringing all of these things together.  

The education you will receive from your coach will benefit you for the rest of your life. This program can truly instigate a life change and give you all the ins and outs to understanding how to lose weight quickly and effectively while maintaining results.

The support you get with our coaches makes all the difference. It is our job to encourage you along the way, providing the best tips and tricks for success while maintaining a friendly relationship. It is our job to make you feel a part of our team. Together, we can help you reach your goals, restore your confidence, and quite possibly change your life. 

What will you get with the coaching?

  ● The personal cell phone number of your assigned coach, with Doctor supervision, included at all times.

  ● All specifics as to what will be happening throughout every stage of the process.

  ● Recorded weekly weigh-ins (from your own home scale OR weekly weigh in's IF you are local to Scott City or Garden City) to make sure everything is going at the appropriate speed.

  ● Guideline on which vitamins you will need throughout the process to keep it safe and help you feel great.

  ● All program details including guidelines, food journals, 30-day challenge chart, password to all videos and bonus tips.  

  ● Personal one-on-one coaching complete with short term goals and long term goals
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