Shari Testimonial – ProHealth Diet


Lost 62 Pounds

"I have spent a lifetime struggling with my weight. I've tried just about every "quick weight loss" diet plan on the market! My health and appearance was at an all time low when I finally made the decision to contact Jodi at Pro Health. I've known Jodi through our children's activities in school and have always considered her a good friend so I knew I could trust her as a diet coach! I had observed her healthy food choices throughout many years and knew that her personal experiences on this diet were successful. I've never considered this a "diet", but rather a "healthy lifestyle change". I lost a total of 62 pounds, 23% body fat, and 52 3/4 inches by simply changing my lifestyle choices in regards to food. It really is all about what you put into your body! As I look back on these last 7 months, I realized that this plan is perfect for active, busy lifestyles. I was still able to cook satisfying, healthy meals for my family as well as make good choices dining in restaurants! I've never felt so attractive and healthy in my entire life! My key to success? I listened to everything Jodi taught me, followed the plan without cheating, and realized that it wasn't going to happen overnight! My favorite part of this lifestyle change is that I truly feel like I've also changed how my family eats! Jodi's guidance and extensive knowledge of healthy eating habits have completely changed my life! We only have one life to live...I plan on living mine feeling good about myself, filling my body with "the good stuff" and making sure those I love the most eat healthy too."

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