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ProHealth Pricing

Cost of The ProHealth Diet

The program + coaching combined is set up on a 12 week program.  The cost is $25 per week for 12 weeks.  After 12 weeks, if you still want/need our assistance the price then shifts to $25 per month for as long as you choose.  You make that decision after the initial 12 weeks. 

The cost of the food ranges from $1.78 to $2.42 per meal, depending on which food item you choose.   If you are on the diet full strength, you will be eating ProHealth food for breakfast, lunch, and a bedtime snack.  One to two optional snacks are allowed if needed.   You will basically be shifting your current grocery bill to ProHealth.  The only additional food you will need to purchase from your local grocery store will be one dinner protein per day and some vegetables from an approved list.  

For our active dieters, we have four vitamins we need you to be on while on the diet.  None of them are appetite suppressants or anything that alters metabolism.  We actually do not believe in those.  They are simply vitamins and minerals we know your body will need to make this process healthy while we are restricting you from typical foods.  The cost of our vitamins is extremely affordable.  The bundle pack, which includes all four supplements you will need, is $60. This will last you at least one month, and as long as you are not having any leg cramps or other issues, some of the vitamins will last you the entire 12 weeks.  

The only other typical cost is for our himalayan sea salt, which is necessary to help with any potential low-sodium issues.  The cost is $5 per a 4.75 ounce bottle.  

To add up all costs, including:

~ The program details

~ A personal coach with weekly check-ins

~ The ProHealth diet app

~ The mandatory 3 boxes of food per week (80% of your current grocery bill)

~ Vitamins

~ Salt

Totals= $92.25/week + tax + shipping

Note:  Additional ProHealth food purchased for additional snacks would increase the total cost, but this gives you a good baseline.  Many of our dieters choose to have the optional snack mid afternoon and that would add the cost of an additional box per week.  (Most boxes = $17 per box and have 7 packets per box)