Lisa – ProHealth Diet


Lost 43 Pounds

"I don’t usually throw myself out here like this but I feel so good and I am so happy with myself! My family has a history of heart problems which has concerned me for years. My children are both adults now and off to college. Over the years my eating habits grew on eating a large amount of processed foods and sweets, which is not a healthy lifestyle. My complexion was not the greatest which at times was humiliating, because I should not have acne at my age, right? After doing my own internet research on diets and lifestyle changes, I made a decision to commit myself to 60 days of dieting and if I was not happy with the results I would stop the diet.

As I was laying in bed on my iPad one Friday evening, I filled out the online application for the Prohealth diet. By Monday Jodi had contacted me and asked me when I wanted to start. It was that simple! I actually started my new lifestyle on a FRIDAY! Fast forward to today and this weight loss journey has been moved to the top of my Bucket list! If you have a Bucket list and need/want to lose weight, I highly recommend this be moved to the top of your list, as I strongly believe you can and will succeed and it will make the remainder of your Bucket list, and/or your life’s journeys much more enjoyable and achievable (as you are not carrying around all that fat)! Did I mention that while on my weight loss journey I did absolutely NO EXERCISE other than my day-to-day activities?!

I lost weight so quickly that my friends and family noticed before I did. IT IS FAST! I had reached my goal within 10 weeks! If you are serious about losing weight (fat!) and are ready to make a lifestyle change for yourself, contact Coach Jodi. Love yourself! In two weeks you will feel it! In four weeks you will see it! In eight weeks you will hear it."