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The ProHealth Mission...

ProHealth is a health-driven company promoting the  right tools to change lives for the better.  From weight loss to overall optimal health, we work to help people feel their best so they can reach their full potential in life.  

If you have interest in HELPING PROMOTE our company mission we encourage you to fill out the form below to see if you  qualify to join our ProHealth Team.   

There are several options available.

What makes the most sense for you?

Team ProHealth Options


Help ProHealth
Help People

  Seven out of 10 people need and want to lose weight but struggle to know how.  We know how!    Whether it be people you directly know OR people you meet online, find those people and guide them to The ProHealth Diet. 

  When they join the 12 week program you will be compensated financially ($150 per person) directly for your efforts!   

 Your Job Is:

1.  F I N D them
2. D I RE C T them
3. C O L L E C T


Add ProHealth To Your Health Facility

If you already have a health facility, adding ProHealth to it can be an awesome addition.  

You can advertise the new addition within your own facility.  You will be compensated for each dieter you send directly to ProHealth.  

With time you will have the option to offer the foods in your health facility.

There are different partner  levels... you pick which one is best for your situation. 
Each option will compensate you nicely.


Become a ProHealth Wholesaler

 If you would like to sell ProHealth foods, once you qualify we will offer you wholesale prices.  You will be shown our grand slam products that typically sell like crazy.  We will definitely show you which ones to begin with.  Offer one or offer many, the choice is up to you.

Once you have been approved you will receive a password to purchase products at wholesale. 

This can add instant revenue to your business.  People love them... now you can profit! 

Be A Part Of Something GREAT

Not everyone is a good match.  Let's find out if you are!

Pre-Qualify To Join ProHealth

The right person or business will...

  • Have a desire to help others
  • Be honest and respectable
  • Be positive and upbeat
  • Understands the importance of good health
  • Would appreciate extra income

If this describes you...

  • Please fill out our pre-qualification form 
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for us to review your information and contact you
  • Even if you are not a match we will let you know.  We will equally respect your time.  
Pre-Qualify HERE

ProHealth offers low carb, high protein groceries and...

Proven Weight Loss Solutions

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