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PProHealth is strong and powerful.  We have the answer to many people's question... "How can I lose this weight and keep it off?"  ProHealth has all the right tools and we are on a mission to gather like-minded business and help put a dent in the obesity epidemic.    

If we discover we are a good match, with similar goals, we would love to partner with you. 

If this happens, YOU can benefit from a program that has already been established, is running smoothly and is actively getting consistent results.  As a partner with ProHealth you can choose from three partnership options; silver, gold, or VIP.  You can also choose to become a wholesaler of ProHealth products and bring retail profit to your facility.   Whichever route you choose, we will be here with you every step of the way.  


$200/Dieter + 20%

As a ProHealth SILVER partner, you will be paid $200 per dieter you refer to the ProHealth Diet.    You will also receive 20% commission on all food and vitamins ordered by that dieter during their 12 weeks.  No payouts will continue after 12 weeks. 
                    Payouts will be as follows:

Full Payments:  You will receive $200 immediately
Payment Plans:  You will receive $50 on week one and $150 upon completion of their week 12. 

Let's look at financial numbers:

Look At Income HERE

$200/Dieter + Wholesale (We provide the Coaches)

As a ProHealth GOLD partner, you will be paid $200 per dieter you refer to the ProHealth Diet. You will also be allowed to begin providing ProHealth products IN YOUR FACILITY... at wholesale cost and selling at retail. 

 Payouts will be mostly the same as at the Silver level.  The difference is you will be providing product at your facility and capitalizing on the full wholesale/retail profit.  

You will be given a password exclusive to GOLD & VIP partners.  Orders will be shipped (FREE shipping) directly to your facility and must be purchased with a one case minimum. You can start small and grow your inventory as diet numbers grow.  

Look At Income HERE

$300/Dieter + Wholesale (YOU provide your own Coach)

As VIP growth has been evident and you are ready to play bigger.  You will provide your own coach.  We will train them so it is consistent with the ProHealth system.  You will be paid $300 per dieter + maintain all the profits on the food.  We recommend being able to provide a nice variety of inventory (which you will be able to buy all at the ProHealth wholesale prices).  See below for potential revenue created by being a VIP partner with ProHealth. 

Let's take a look at income numbers: 

Look At Income HERE

Wholesale ONLY

Possibly you have no interest in weight loss but you just want to offer the popular ProHealth Diet foods in your facility.  You will buy at wholesale and sell at retail, making an instant profit for each product sold.  Each ProHealth food is packed with low-carb, low-sugar, high-protein goodness.  The groceries alone will help promote healthier lifestyles.

Please note:  Customers most often do not lose weight without the structure of the program but because you are offering groceries that need to be replaced frequently, many customers repeatedly buy for years.  You can start with offering one product and adding as little or as much to your facility.  Foods have a 1 case minimum and will be shipped directly to your facility.  

Look At Income HERE
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