FAQ...s – Yager Diet


How much does the food cost?

The cost of the food depends on which kind you choose. When buying in bulk with the canisters, the cost per serving is as low as $1.78. Statistics show he national average per meal is approximately $4 per meal when eaten at home and an average of $12.75 when eaten at a restaurant.

How much does the coaching cost?

$25 per week for 12 weeks for the program + coaching. After 12 weeks, if you want continued coaching and accountability, it shifts to $25 per MONTH. These fees are per household and there is no limit to how many are involved within the same home.

What happens if I lose my weight before 12 weeks, can I cancel my subscription?

No. The cost of our program details along with the time and efforts of your coach costs $300 but to make it easier for people, that price has been broken down into a smaller amount of $25 for 12 weeks. In the event you lose your weight faster than 12 weeks, your coach will help you begin to transition off the program and prepare for maintenance. Your coach is committed to you for the full 12 weeks and will closely monitor your data even on maintenance to assist in making sure you do not begin to gain your weight back.

What happens if I find out I am pregnant, can I cancel my 12 week subscription at that point?

Yes. In the event you discover you are pregnant, we have the option to cancel your subscription immediately or if you decide you want your coaches assistance to know how to eat properly while pregnant, you may continue to finish out the subscription. However, you will NOT be on the ProHealth Diet as that involves too few calories to accommodate for the needs of a pregnant lady. We will work with you!

Can I cancel my coaching subscription whenever I want?

During the first 12 weeks, no. After 12 weeks, you may keep it as long as you want and cancel at anytime. Many people choose to keep the $25 per month subscription so their coach can help them not gain their weight back.

After I switch to the monthly subscription, how long can I keep using the program?

However long you want. We recommend long term because our coaches have the ability in their software to get alerts if you begin to gain your weight back. We are very against our dieters gaining their weight back, so this is a powerful safety net for those that choose to utilize it.

Why do I need to take vitamins while on the ProHealth Diet? And how much do they cost?

It is very important that you take the vitamins that your coach shows you. These vitamins are NOT anything to suppress your appetite or alter your metabolism. They are simply vitamins and minerals we know you may be lacking while on the diet. It is extremely important for us to protect your body while we lose weight at an accelerated speed. The cost is $60 for the bundle pack that has the vitamins you will need while on the program. The bundle pack should last you a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months for some. You only need to purchase more when you are running out.

Do I need to exercise while on the diet?

No. If you are not already in a structured exercise program, just wait. Let us help you get the weight off as quickly as possible and then exercise is the first thing we encourage as we transition you off of the diet. IF you are currently an avid exerciser, talk to your coach. We can make some adjustments so that you can still exercise, although we often go faster on the weight loss without.

Where do I find the ProHealth Diet app?

The ProHealth Diet app can be found in the App Store or Google Play. In the event you have an older phone, it is possible it won’t be on there. When this has happened, our dieters utilize the app on their ipad. Others realize it is a great excuse to get their phone updated.

I have some friends that will want to do this with me, do you have any kind of referral program?

Yes. We love referrals. In fact, we know that having your family or friends take this journey with you makes it more fun and adds to the accountability factor. Click on the “referral plan” for details.

Is there a licensed doctor overseeing the ProHealth Diet?

Yes, there is a fully licensed doctor supervising the entire program. Dr. Yager graduated with his doctorate degree in 1999 in Dallas, TX.

Can I eat out while on the diet?

Absolutely! Your coach will help teach you how the most effective way to handle this situation. It is very doable and our dieters enjoy this convenience frequently.

How old can a person be to be on the diet?

We have successfully worked with dieters as young as 12 years old and as old as over 80 years old. The only thing we need to watch for on the younger dieters is to make sure they are not still growing. If they are, we adjust their meal guide to allow them more calories to better sustain growth during the process.

How many times per day will I be eating?

A minimum of four and a maximum of six.

Will I be hungry?

Everybody is different, but a majority of our dieters are pleased to report they are not hungry while on the diet. Some are. If you find yourself overly hungry, your coach will help make necessary changes to help solve the problem. 

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