Continued Coaching – ProHealth Diet

Continued Coaching

Love having your coach by your side?  Keep it going and finish strong!  


12+ Weeks!  If you have been on the ProHealth Diet for at least 12 weeks (ever) and want to continue to use all the ProHealth success tools AND receive 2-4 check-ins per month from your coach, you may do so by setting up your monthly continued coaching at $50/month.  CLICK HERE

Monthly Check-Ins (more long term):  If you have worked with us for a minimum of 12 weeks and want ONLY ONE check-in per month, you will need to set up your monthly subscription of $25/month.  To do so CLICK HERE

You may still use all the ProHealth tools AND your Coach will check your file/numbers/weights at least once per month.  This is fantastic to have the accountability and increase your odds of NOT gaining your weight back!  Yay!