Coaching Subscription – ProHealth Diet

Prices are PER HOUSEHOLD/ not per person!

Here is how it works...

 Program Includes
  • Unlimited access to the ProHealth Dieter Member's Area with a detailed map, all the tools, tips, tricks, and support needed to succeed.  
  • 20 minute zoom consultation with Professional Coach
  • Detailed meal plan, dinner ideas, & recipes
  • Smart Phone APP
  • Accountability with a ProHealth coach guaranteed for your first 12 weeks
  • 40 Series Video Coaching from Coach Jodi
  • Daily motivational e-mails & Videos

    + Guidance on TRANSITIONING OFF the diet
    + MAINTENANCE plan to keep the weight OFF 


1. Explain the Program

The ProHealth Diet has a fully functional Member's Only Area that gives you all the answers to the most sought after weight loss questions.  You will fill out a health profile so a professional can make any changes necessary for your specific success.  Your new member's area will have ALL the tools for your success.  It has been proven over and over again.     

2. Surpass your Goals

Whether you are just wanting to lose 10-20 pounds or you need a complete overhaul, the ProHealth Diet is a proven path to get you from where you are in your weight loss journey to where you want to be. 

Grab a friend or make a fun accountability group.  This program changes lives so make it fun!   

3. Maintain your Progress

Once you have lost weight, rebuilt your confidence, and changed your overall health, you MUST have a plan to keep the weight off, otherwise it simply will not stay off (no matter how good your intentions are).  You will be taught specifically how to transition OFF the diet and give you clear boundaries to help you stay in the healthy and happy zone.  Trust the process.  Trust ProHealth!   

Get healthy, stay healthy... start today!

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