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About Us

Dr. James Yager grew up in southwest Kansas and has always enjoyed the community feel of a small town.  He received his doctorate in Chiropractic in Dallas, TX in 1999.  From there he moved his family to Salida, CO where they spent the first 8 years of his career.  When the timing was right, they decided to move back "home" to a small town community, complete with family, a very active sports community and tons of opportunity.  The move proved to be a great decision as his kids have experienced multiple State Championships and have developed a love for hard work and country living.

Jodi Yager had currently been a stay at home Mom taking care of their four kids.  In 2009, Dr. Yager flunked a life insurance physical exam and this proved to be a huge eye-opener for them.  As an "unhealthy" HEALTH professional (and an unhappy wife that her best friend just flunked his life insurance test) it was time for them to "practice what they preach" and truly make some life changes. 

In October of 2009, Dr. Yager began dieting and exercising.  He gave up SODA POP immediately and watched everything he ate.  Determined to really change, he began a very aggressive exercise program.  Over the next 8 weeks, (and he always adds "this was DURING the holidays"), he lost a total of 10 pounds.  Not bad right?  He began to "plateau" and he was losing his motivation as the scale didn't seem to keep going down... but he was determined. 

Over Christmas break he discovered another option.   When he researched the science behind the "method" it went along with everything he believed in so decided to try it on himself first.  In January 2010 he began a plan that he could literally plug into his lifestyle and watch the pounds literally fall off of him.  Over the next 8 weeks (the same amount of time it took him to lose 10 pounds), he lost a total of 44 more pounds.  Half way through he said "I almost feel guilty this is so easy."  Compared to what he had been doing, this was EASY!  Yes there was some sacrifice involved and yes it required him to stick 100% to the program but those type of results made it "easy" to stick with it!  By March this "Health Professional" was now "healthy." 

The plan was so precise and easy to follow, he opened it up to his family, friends, and staff.  Story after story after story began to flood in.  Eventually hundreds of people also wanted to do what he was doing so they could attain their own weight loss goals.   

Throughout Dr. Yager's weight loss journey, he discovered although the method he originally used personally worked well, he discovered it did have some limitations for many of his patients.  This brought him to designing his own program, which is now known as the "ProHealth Diet."

When the CDC (Center of Disease Control) reports 7 out of 10 people in the United States are overweight, ProHealth is as determined as ever to continue to put more of a dent in this health crisis plaguing our country.  With what once started with two people now is blessing people all over the entire country. 

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