I N V E S T   I N   Y O U ! !

"Some people pay to be sick, others pay to be healthy!"


Sometimes life is such that we don't have the extra finances available to do what we really should for our health.

If you fall into that category, we have several options for you.

Utilize whichever best fits your needs.

Financing Options:

We have several financing options available so nobody has to do without their Kangen Machine due to lack of funds available.

In the event that you do NOT have the money needed available to assist in your health goals, we now can help everyone move forward.




CoAmerica Bank

(Note:  the best choice for financing)

CoAmerica Bank offers a credit card with 0% interest for a year.

Phone number is (248)451-8473 OR (248)451-8437

You will have a 10 minute phone application process and you can have your card in as little as 3 days.  Once you qualify, ask for "Rush" delivery. 

Rush delivery costs $15 but it is well worth it to get it fast. 

NOTE:   Make sure you request $300 - $400 more than the cost of the machine to cover taxes and shipping.

Payments: What You will Need:

As low as $50/month

(Although we are Dave Ramsey Fans and encourage paying as much as possible)

Credit score of 640+


A Co-signer



This is for people with credit that is maxed out,or is just not so good. This one will accept or deny you right away...all on-line.



Paradigm Financial

(Note:  they are more lenient on credit issues)

This company, Paradigm Financial Services, is based out of Canada and offers loans specifically on

"Health Related Products."

~ $0 down

~ 5.99% interest

~ On the SD501, it is on a 3 year payment plan @ around  $150/month

NOTE:  If you choose to share the water, chances are high you will pay your loan off VERY quickly.

Get the details:



ENAGIC's Financing

Enagic (the water company's name) also offers their own financing. 

We recommend this (OR #5 below) IF the other 2 options do not work.

They are OKAY with credit issues.  They trust you will pay.

You will need approximately $890 down payment.

Payments will be $225 per month for 16 months.

You will get your machine immediately!



Note: If none of the above options work out for you, you still CAN do this...


The GOOD Samaritan Program

  Don't let lack of funds stop you from making a huge change in your family, both in health AND finances.  Enagic has a program that makes it so everybody (with available money or not) can jump on board and help us make positive changes in the lives of people across the whole globe...AND be compensated for our time and effort.

Click Here   to learn how you can start your journey with this company with as little as $25. 


With the above 5 options to choose from,

NOBODY should be left behind if they truly want a machine

(and/or a business option)for their family.

Call Jodi with questions:  (620)214-3039


A N D   D O N ' T  F O R G E T...


Who else needs this info?  Share it with them.  Work it hard and you can pay off your machine (and other debt) quickly!

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